Parker, Reviews and Information on Traditional Grooming Products

parker safety razorsEver since the original Gillette safety razor was invented and used in main stream grooming way back in 1904, several companies have risen up and have begun creating their own products. Merkur in Germany, Edwin Jagger in England, and Parker from India, are the most well known safety razor brands, but there are many others which are intimately involved in mens grooming. What separates Parker apart from the others in my opinion, is the sheer volume of products in which they produce, they have their hands in everything, from stands, to bowls, to safety razors, if it has a place in wet shaving or other traditional products, you can be sure Parker produces it. Safety Razors especially however, Parker has a soft spot for, as they have made dozens of specially designed products of every make and model, and for every facial shape and preference you can imagine. Here is a look at some of their newer, top models.

The Parker Lineup

99R- Long Handle Super HeavyWeight

This is a beast. Usually, safety razors are long and light, or short and heavy, but this bad boy is long and heavy, making it an absolute titan and extremely heavy. It is 4 inches long and has a textured grip for easy handling even if you have wet hands, and a total weight of around 3.4 ounces of brass frame/nickel plated steel. The comb is open, and combined with the weight and length, if you aren’t an absolute professional at wet shaving, I advise that you avoid this model, but if you know how to shave, its price point is a steal!

96R – Long Handle

This razor is shorter and lighter weight than the 99R, and it is also non-adjustable, meaning the angle at which the blade cuts, due to the guard, you can’t increase or decrease. It has a nice textured handle, and like all Parker razors their shark blades are easy to replace because they have a nice twist to open butterly top.

22R Long Handle

The main difference between this razor, and the 96R, is the look and feel. Its made out of a brass from and comes with 5 shark chrome blades. At 3.5 inches long, this is sits firmly on the longer end of the spectrum, making it good for people with larger hands but not so good if your need maneuverability for cutting, or if you have sensitive skin.

91R Super Heavyweight

At 3 ounces, this is one of Parkers heavier models. Although not quite as massive as the 99R, you won’t have to worry about applying any pressure to shave your face, This particular model comes with 10 of Parkers patented shark chrome blades, along with all of the bells and whistles you would expect.

90R Long Handle

Pretty much the exact opposite of the 91R, this safety razor is 4 inches long, and has a very pretty sleek look and feel to it. Its relatively light, but features a smooth ergonomic design for shaving your face. This product also comes with the twist off blade replacement design.

92R Ultra Heavyweight

This is a beefed up version is the 91R, weighing in at 3.4 ounces, its just as heavy as the 99R! This particular razor comes with 5 Shark blades and a brass, rust resistant frame. The handle is nice and textured for a firm grip(the 90R has waaaay too smooth of a grip for our tastes). We definitely like this model if your looking for a heavyweight.