Merkur Solingen, Preimiere Quality Grooming

Merkur Safety RazorsMerkur is a subsidiary to their parent company, DOVO Solingen, which is one of the oldest and most respected wet shaving companies in Germany. All of these products are produced in Solingen, Germany. Where as DOVO produces straights, Merkur is primarily responsible for safety razors and other shaving products. They, along with Parker and Edwin Jagger, are basically the “big 3″ when it comes to traditional wet shaving, and if you purchase one of their safety razors, you are sure to get quality. However, each on of their razors is unique and different, so be sure to check out our guide here on attributes to look for in each razor, which best fit your needs.

The Merkur Safety Razor Lineup

Double Edge SV-05X

This is Merkurs most popular product, from amongst its entire lineup. Its relatively affordable, has a nice, long handle which is good if you have larger hands, and is made with high quality steel. This particular razor comes with several different options, including a shorter handle, or without the guard. To replace the blades, you need to twist up the top, this is designed so that the blades are more sturdy.

Heavy Duty

The heavy duty is a little bit different than some of the other razors in this lineup, and maybe a bit confusing in name. Although its called heavy duty, its actually a shorter than standard straight razors, where it earns its name is in its weight. It is very heavy, its like the difference between holding a rapier and a claymore. That isn’t a bad thing though, because you want to use the extra weight to do the cutting of the hair, and simply guide the razor. This particular product comes with the standard twist top, high grade steel, and quality that you’ve come to expect in this brand.


Moving up the ladder a bit, Merkur features their high end razor, the “Futur”. This blade has a beautiful satin finish, and all of the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from the brand. What sets this razor apart, is the quality of shave it gives, you’ll either love the gap width or hate it.

Model 38 “Barber Pole”

This is their long, hiqh quality safety razor, and the highest rated razor in their lineup. It comes with a closed comb(so not as much skill needed) and has a solid brass core along with a chrome finish, so it isn’t going to rust. This is my favorite razor, but I would advise for those who have sensitive skin to look elsewhere. This blade is a monster and will eat your skin up!

“1904” Classic – Open-

This particular razor is like the heavy duty razor from earlier, but is designed as a replica of the 1904 Gillette safety razor, which was one of the first razors ever made. It has an open comb, which requires a lot more skill but you get a closer shave, along with an easy blade replacement mechanism, where you just turn the knob.