Derby Extra, A Closer Look at Their Double and Single Edged Products

derby razor bladesThere are many named brand shaving companies on the market today, including Merkur, Parker, and Feather. These shaving companies all sell safety razor blades at an affordable price, and they all do a decent job, especially Feather, which is a Japanese shaving company. Derby on the other hand, just sells the blades, and no other products. So, why do a review on Derby? Well, their blades are simply the most popular and sought after blades on the market, bar none. Having said that, they aren’t for everybody.

Attributes That Set Them Apart

Price: One of the first things that stands out to me when it comes to Derby, is that they are insanely cost effective, especially if you go for their double edged products, which you can use twice. Derby DE razor blades will run you anywhere between 10 cents, and 15 cents, depending on how much you purchase in bulk.

Quality: Derby makes quality blades, which are stainless steel and will fit just about any razor, including Dovo and Parker.

Aggressiveness: Not all blades are created equal, and it doesn’t just have to do with quality, but the style of cut. These blades are designed to trim off thin to moderately thick whiskers, so if your beard is full, the cut isn’t going to be quite as sharp, and you will need to make several passes. This wears the blade out quickly. Alternatively, you can just shave more often.

Sharpness: These blades are incredibly sharp, perhaps the sharpest blades on the market, just make sure they are used on a thinly populated facial surface.

Double Edged Versus Singled Edged

Derby sells two types of razor blades, double edged, and single edged. We haven’t mentioned single edged razors much on this site, because they are very rare, and because double edged are simply more practical. Think about it, you are basically doubling up on the number of cuts you can make with a DE blade, as opposed to single, so why not?

The only tidbit that we would add, is that the prices are basically identical. You’ll spend about 10 dollars for 100 derby blades, regardless of how many edges each blade has. However, having said that, blades with a single edge are quite rare, so make sure that you jump on them if you do find them. As for actual practicality, people swear by one system, or the next. In my own experience, a single edge results in less razor bumps and irritation.