Buying Guide: Best Safety Razor Blade Brand Models and Features

razor brandsThis is an article, that we are very excited to write about. Sure, you can pick out a great safety razor, and the whole kit and kaboodle that comes with it. Go ahead and try to shave your face though, pro tip, you ain’t getting jack done. That is, unless you have some quality safety razorblades to put in it! The reason why emphasis is rarely put on blades, is a matter of marketing. Safety razor blades are cheap, with a median price around 10 cents for a single blade, there isn’t a large enough price margin for marketers to chase. However, do not be mistaken, razors and blades go hand and hand with one another and in order to get the closest shave possible, you will need to utilize the combination in the best way possible. Here is a list of the best safety razor blade brands, along with some information on attributes to help you find ones which you might like (hint: we like them all).

The Lineup

Astra Superior Premium Platinum

One of the more interesting tidbits about razorblades and male grooming in general, is that many countries have a dominant brand that takes over internationally. For the Russians, this brand is Astra, and they produce some amazing quality blades which you can use in just about any safety razor. These blades are not very aggressive, and lack the bite that some of the other brands have. You might even experience a little bit of drag. I would recommend these for people who have fragile skin, but for most of the rest of us, we can do with something sharper. Also, these are quite durable, able to handle one or two more cuts before tossing.

Feather Hi-Stainless Steel

These might be the sharpest safety razor blades on the market, as they will cut through just about any whisker you can throw its way. Just like a Japanese Samurai, the land from which these blades originate. For those with thick, tough beards, this is definitely a product that is worth pursuing, however, if your in the medium ground in terms of thickness, you might find that it digs a little too easily into your skin. This might require you to adjust the angle and pressure a bit, and takes a bit of getting use to, but there may be a better blade for you if you don’t want to risk making your face unhappy with you.

Derby Extra

I find that these are the perfect middle ground blades, and they are cheaper, and more popular than the other brands. They are pretty sharp, able to take down even the roughest of beards, and they should glide over your face nicely, without the feeling of a razor burn sensation afterwards. Definitely my pick, plus they are very durable, so this will last you a while.

Merkur Super Platinum

I’d say that these are about middle of the ground razor. They aren’t too sharp, and they do a pretty good job of cutting. Very much like the Derby Extra’s, but I would give the Derby’s a nod.

Wikinson Sword Double Edged

The “Swords”, are very sharp blades. Too sharp? Well, they aren’t quite as sharp as Feather’s, but they definitely aren’t for you if you are a beginner. I think this is your pick if you have a thick beard, but also have sensitive skin which you don’t want to damage, as the aggressiveness is just enough to take down the heavy whiskers without serious razor burn.

Shark Super Chromes

I don’t like these blades at all, but they are very popular. They aren’t very aggressive, so I would pick something sharper if you have thick whiskers, plus, they dull easy. I would say the best brands you can get five shaves out of, these you can only get two before you need to throw them away. I think these guys are popular, because they come with the newer Parker models so people never make the switch. Overall, they are still better than going with a disposable razor, but bottom on this list of the best safety razor blade brands.