What are the Best Scissors and Shears? Guide to Purchasing the Perfect Pair

Scissors have been around for thousands of years. They are so basic, that any five year old can use them, but put them in the hands of a master, and they are capable of beautiful works of art. To hairstylists, your scalp isn’t just clumps of useless hair, its a blank canvas and they are the artists. Just look at what Edward Scissorhands was able to do with a couple fist full of shears!

What you decide to do with scissors, is completely up to you. Not everybody has aspirations of becoming a professional hair artist, but scissors are perhaps the most versatile tool you can have in your house, so your certain to appreciate them no matter what walk of life you come from. Here is a list we’ve prepared for you, of some of the best scissors and shears on the market. We’ve also included a list of recommendations and attributes, that we think you can use to help you make your shopping a bit easier.

6.5" Black Professional Barber Razor Edge Hair Cutting Material: Stainless5.5/6.5 inches Removable rubber inserts$4.5
Suvorna Ador 6.5" Professional Barber ThinningMaterial: High carbon grade stainless Thinning6.5"$4.4
Tweezerman 2000 Thinning Material: Stainless thinning6.5"$4.2
Tweezerman 2000 Styling Material: Ice tempered stainless steel styling2 inches$4.3
Fromm Edge Ahead Rhythm Shear, 5 1/4"Material: Stainless Styling5 1/4" Shear Silencing Bumper$4.5
Stainless 2000 5½ by Tweezerman Material: Stainless steel Styling5½ Shears$3.6
Suvorna Ador 6" Professional BarberMaterial: Japanese J2 420 Stainless Cutting6" Professional Easy grip gold plated knurled knob$4.4
Harutake Professional Hair CuttingMaterial: Japanese 440C Stainless Steel 3 piece set (thinning, cutting, styling)Ergonomically designed Comes with case$$$$$4.5
Suvorna 5.5" Professional Barber Material: Japanese 420 Stainless Steel 2 piece (thinning and styling) set 5.5" Professional$$4.5
Professional Bamboo SwivelMaterial: Japanese steel J2-420 Styling6.0 inches$5.0

Top 4 Scissors and Shears

Edge Ahead Rhythm Shears by Fromm

Taking our top place for best shears, are the Edge Ahead Rhythms. These are right handed scissors designed for hair sculpting, and come in 5 ¼”, 5 ¾”, and 7” sizes. Some of their nice attributes, are their 100% stainless steel blades, comfortable grip, but also their sturdy construction and durability. It is totally conceivable to use these for decades without having to replace them, as long as you sharpen them occasionally. The main reason why these take the crown however, is the quality of cut is just remarkable, they cut extremely easy and produce a neat cut.


Star Scissors Professional 6.0” Hair Cut Scissors

These 6” bamboo shears from Star Scissors takes second place on our list, and we really like these pair. They are extremely sharp and give an excellent, clean cut. The steel is high grade Japanese stainless steel, and it also comes with an easy to adjust tension screw just in case you’re interested in tuning the blade better. These are excellent hairstyling scissors, our only knock on them is the price, which pushes these up to a mid grade purchase.


Suvorna 5.5” Professional Texturing Shears/Scissors Set

This is a set thinning shears/texturing scissors set by Suvorna, and the best set available from our perspective. Both scissors are made from the very best Japanese 420 Stainless steel, which has been coated with titanium, and the edge of the styling scissors is ergonomically designed for easy handling. The thinning shears includes a 27 tooth blade, which helps when handling the hair. So why so far down our list? Well, the cut of the styling shears is really lacking, it doesn’t produce the kind of clean cut that you need from a pair of professional scissors, although the thinners work great. At this mid level price though, we expect you to be able to find a better quality professional pair if you don’t need thinners.

Harutake Barber Set Trio

This set comes with three pieces. 5”, 5 ½”, and a 5 ½” pair of thinners. In terms of quality steel, it doesn’t get much better than the 440C Japanese Stainless which these bad boys are made out of, and the construction and easy to adjust screw make for perfect handling. These are high end professional grade scissors, and ones that any hairstylist or barber would be proud of. The downside to these however, and what pushes these way down our list, is the price. At $200, this is an investment that only a professional hair stylist should make, or somebody really devoted to hair!