The Best Hot Rollers, and Their Advantages Over Curling Irons

You want curls, but you want to do it right. Nothing amateurish, but your a DYI kind of girl, and you don’t want to hand out your hard earned cash for an expensive perm either. What are your options? Well, you can try curling irons and wands, and these can do you quite well. Honestly though, those are low quality curls on the quick, not something you want to do if your looking for a natural look. What you really want, are hot rollers.

Hot rollers are the evolving descendent of hair rollers, the first professional tools that were used to create curls. Shirley Temple, for instance, used these old fashioned setters. Although today we have newer technologies, the hot roller uses the same general principle of their traditional counter parts, but applies a simple heating process which reduces damage on the hair, while creating longer lasting curls, and tons of volume. They have a distinct advantage to their cousins, the curling wands and irons.

When looking however, realize that they vary greatly, both in size, features, and ease of use. To make the job of purchasing them easier, we have created this list of the best hot rollers on the market, along with some corresponding attributes you should look for. These attributes also offer some advantages over their iron counterparts, so keep that in mind when making a purchase.

Conair BABNTHS40 Set

The Babnths40 takes the prize as the top all around hot roller set on the market, as it features quite a range of nice attributes. First of all, like most hair setters, you are going to produce some awesome curls if you use these properly, and there are 30 rollers in all, featuring a wide range of different sizes and makes. They heat up nicely, and evenly, and depending on how you want your curls to look, will do the job between 3-15 minutes. The price is fair as well. What we don’t like about these however, is that they don’t come with clips for every single one, so you can’t use all 30 at the same time. All the same, they are the best hot rollers on the market.

Calista Tools ION

Fewer rollers than the Conair rollers, this particular set is a high end set that produces some of the best curls on the market. There are 6 large rollers, and 6 medium sized rollers, and comes with very sturdy clips that hold everything in place. These rollers also feature ionic technology to heat up, meaning they are going to be very gentle on fine hair and hold up quite a long time. Aside from sensational curls however, there are some negatives. First, there are only 12 rollers, so you’ll have to scaffold the rolling process. The second negative, is the price. At around $120, these definitely aren’t for everybody.

Conair Infiniti Pro

Rounding out our top 3 roller sets, is the Conair Infiniti Pro, an entry level set. The Infiniti includes 20 ceramic flocked rollers(ceramic is very important for even heating), and heat up at a super fast 2 minute interval. The sizes of these also vary, giving you several options, with large 1 ¾ inch sizes, 1 inch sizes, and ¾ inch sizes. Finally, there is a twelve option temperature setting, which gives you flexibility in how hot and solid you want your curls to be, although we find this to be not a huge deal. Each one also has claw clips to keep them in place. The biggest downside to this set is that the curls don’t last quite as long as the more expensive sets, which comes down to the heating method used.

Advantages over curling iron

1. set and forget

2. won’t burn your fingers or damage your hair

3. More volume, longer lasting

4. multiple sizes, generally cheaper