Guide to Purchasing the Best Flat Iron. Hair Straighteners For Every Hairstyle

Is your hair all out of wack? If you’ve ever bumped into somebody with beautiful curls, or nice, long, straight hair, chances are rare that it got that way on its own, and they’ve manipulated it in some way.

The women with straight hair used something called a flat iron, which was invented in the early 20th century using a sophisticated method at the time. A Flat Iron is a tool that uses specially designed plates, which when clasped together, help to break down the chemical bonds in your hair that give it its natural curl. While technology has improved in recent years, in order to provide different methods to do this, the general process is still the same.

Which flat iron is right for you? For starters, the better the curls, the more heat is required to break up the chemical bonds and make everything flat. Not all hair is created equal, however, so different flat irons have been developed to meet these different types, and there are other features to consider as well. Here is a list of the best flat irons on the market, along with some of those features you should consider when making your purchase.

Remington s9500 Pearl Pro

Not generally known for their irons, Remington takes our top spot for flat irons, and with good reason. This straightener has a fantastic price point, at a shade over $20, including an auto shut off feature, ceramic plates, and a quick 30 second heat up time. It works great for thicker follicles, but doesn’t damage finer follicles like some other non-ionic straighteners on the market either, and clocks in at 450 degrees, which is some serious heat. To compensate for the high heat, the Remington comes packed with safety features, including a beeping mechanism. Our only minor complaint, is that we prefer irons to be 1.5” and not 1”, and you should be careful with the product as it isn’t as sturdy as some better built products on the market.

Bio Ionic One Pass

When speaking of heating methods that straighten hair, there are two technologies, tourmaline and ionic. We’ll get into that a bit later, but ideally, you use ionic for thin/fine hair, and tourmaline for thick hair. This is an ionic hair straightener, so keep that in mind when you are looking to purchase the product. Bio Ionic takes second place for flat irons, because of a few features that stand above the rest. First, they heat up to 400 degrees, which is perfect for most hair types, including some thicker hair. It also comes with silicone strips, and the system overall is very durable, and does an incredible job of straightening curls. What we don’t like, is the lack of an automatic shutoff, and its moderate price point.

TS-2 Millennium Professional

Coming in at third place, is the Millennium by TS-2. The Millennium has some great features including 30 second rapid heating, programmable precision temperature, and an auto shutoff, which we think is a must, and it comes at an affordable entry level price tag. We don’t like metal strips however, and we wish this hair straightener was ceramic and not titanium. We also don’t like that it comes 1” and not 1.5”, which hits the sweet spot that you want to see.

Onei MK-1 Halo

Onei Beauty constructed a great flat iron, good enough to take fourth on our list. This particular flat iron features ceramic plates, a temperature setting between 140F-450F, and ionic technology which makes it fantastic for fine hair. Its got an auto shut off feature, a four year warranty, which is incredibly long, for a tool which historically tends to break down, and you can even curl with it(although we would recommend purchasing a curling iron if your not on a tight budget). It heats up fast, and straightens fast. What we don’t like about this product, is its only 1 inch(we prefer 1.5”),  it has a very high price range, plus, there have been a lot of faulty products being shipped out. So much so, that it wouldn’t have made our list if it wasn’t for the four year warranty.

Babyliss Pro BABP9557

This flat iron meets all of the criteria that we are looking for(except one), but at an incredible entry level price. It reaches up to 450F, has a quick heat up time, and uses ceramic plates, which do a much better job of evenly heating hair compared frizzy hair compared metal plates. However, this flat iron does not incorporate ionic technology, and it has no auto shut off feature.