The Best Curling Irons, Sorting Through the Many Different Methods to Make Beautiful Curls

Are you somebody, who wants to give yourself some curls, but you want to do it quickly and with no hassle? Hair irons have been around for centuries, but they’ve never been as easy to use, or as effective as they are now.

Applying heat, you can use curlers to create all kinds of patterns in your hair, whether it be to crimp it into wavy shapes, or provide simple curls, a curling iron gives you the means to do it. Some curling irons even come with heat resistant gloves so that you can manually move your hair around, with little to no hassle; and while not as effective and easy to use as hot rollers, curling rods make up for it by being extremely quick and hassle free

Not all of the best curling irons are created equally however. For instance, specialized curling irons called wands, greatly increase the natural look of your curls at the cost of speed. You also try and know the difference between the rod material(titanium vs teflon), heat dimensions, and the handle itself. Going no handle at all, is also an option, for those people who like more control over the way their hair looks. Here is a list of the best curling irons on the market, along with information and recommendations on different attributes to consider, when making the right purchase.

Review of the 5 Best Irons

Hot Tools Professional 1110 Curling Iron

Hot Tools has really outdone themselves with this state of the art, professional curling iron. You can order this iron in more than a dozen different varieties, and amongst its many features, it comes with a maximum heat temperature of 220 degrees Celsius, plenty of clamps, and its own stand. That heat ratio is really needed in order to produce the kind of curls that you are really after. Their patented pulse technology has several different settings, and allows for constant and uninterrupted heat transfer throughout the entire process, and while it does come with protection gloves, it also has plenty of clamps if your the lazy type. This is perhaps the most popular iron on the market due to its price point, but it does have one major flaw in that it has no auto shutoff feature, which concerns us.


HSI’s best curling iron is actually a set of adjustable ends, which allows you to manipulate your curls much in the same way that you could with similar curling wands and hot rollers. It has an ergonomic design, which allows for easy use, and its ceramic tourmaline end is great for maintaining the health of your hair despite the extreme heat for 450 degrees Fahrenheit. There are however, a few caveats when buying this set, the first being its price point. At 80$, this is a high end set, and it doesn’t come with any clamps, so you’ll have to use a heat glove when fixing your curls.

Jose Eber, Black, 19mm

Jose Ebers top of the line curler is an entry level set, with modest expectations. The biggest reason why it is on this list, is due to the price, simplicity, and effectiveness. Despite having only one adjustment, the 19mm uses state of the art ceramic technology to help keep curls lasting longer than similarly designed irons. Despite the single adjustment, 19mm is perfect for most people who want to have a stationary curl. There is a ton of value here. Its lack of features and clamps however, push it further down our list.

Hot Tools HTBW1852 Curly-Q Tapered Nanoceramic

Another iron from Hot Tools, this brand produces some great curlers, but this particular one caught our interest, because of its unique design.The end shape looks a lot like a cone, instead of flush, elongated barrel, and it has a cool tip for safety. The design although unorthodox, works great, with curls lasting for a very long time and the tool itself heats up extremely quickly.


Bringing in the rear of our top 5, is this curling set by Fahrenheit. The reason why this particular set made the list, is due to the shear number of features that it offers. It has four ceramic/tourmaline heads, uses top of the line ionic technology for heat, features a sleek ergonomic design, and has a temperature range from 140 degrees, to 430 degrees, which sits smack dab in the range that we like to see. This is perhaps the best affordable set of curlers on the market, however, it is by no means entry level at a shade over $100, Unless you are a professional hair stylist, you might be better served by using an entry level set, but if you can afford it, it creates some amazing curls.

Differences Between Wands, and IronsBest Curling Iron

So, a commonly asked question is what is the difference between a curler, and a curling wand? People frequently get these terms mixed up, and for good reason. A curling wand is basically a curler, without a clip. Generally, curling wands are more for free style hairstyling, and it can take a long time to properly learn how to use a curling wand. Curlers, include all curling wands, but can also include a class that uses clamps, instead of free style heating gloves. You would think that terminology would break these two up into distinct classes, but since curling wands are the new kid on the block, they are still lumped into the curling iron category.

Another distinct difference between the two tools, is that irons are more set and forget, and generally are much larger than wands, while wands have tapered ends. You can achieve the same effect of wands, but you’ll need to wrap your hair around the curling iron. In that sense, you can compare them to clippers versus trimmers, where trimmers can do a much better job but take longer. In the list above, I’ve grouped all curlerss together, including wands, so just be aware of what you are purchasing when you see what you want.

Best curling IronsDifferent Heating Methods – Ionic Vs Tourmaline

While fixing your hair without heat is a new and trendy method today, curlers and rollers are still firmly the predominant method when curling hair, and all of them use heat. Because of this, you are going to need to know the two distinct heating methods which are used to heat hair, so that you can make the right choice when looking for the best curling iron.

“Ionic” refers to the method used in order to heat up the hair. A relatively new technology, ionic curlers generate a type of negative ion, which dissipates the water in your hair. While doing so, it allows the hair cuticle to stay smooth, which results in non-frizz, shiny hair.

“Tourmaline” is a kind of mineral which is used to help insulate the heating materials of the curler. Tourmaline plates are completely frictionless, and while generally used in flat irons, they are used as the material in curling irons as well.

When comparing the two types of heating methods, what you purchase is completely dependent upon your needs. If you have thin, smooth hair which damages easily, ionic is the way to go. However, if you have thick hair which is hard to curl, tourmaline will be the more effective method. Both methods are superior to using metal irons, but the best curling iron is one that can handle both types of hair effectively enough without damaging it.